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About us

BBCC was established by Alex Fenton  in 2006 to fill a gap in sports coaching in Primary Schools, specifically cricket. He was asked to help run an After School Cricket club by one of his son’s teachers at Downs Junior School in Brighton and enjoyed it so much he gave up his job in retail management, trained as an ECB Level 2 coach with Sussex County Cricket Club and started the company. He has a passion for cricket, and loves working with kids.
 Alex is now head youth coach at St James Montefiore CC. He has also worked with Sussex CCC, The Cricket Factory, and local clubs- St Peters CC,  Keymer & Hassocks CC,  Steyning  CC and Burgess Hill CC. He is a Level 2 (Club Coach) ECB cricket coach, has 1000’s of hours coaching experience of children aged between 6-16 years of age, and has coached over 6,000 children. Bat and Ball also provides around 60 hours a year free cricket coaching for schools in PE lessons.

Policies, Child Protection etc.

All coaches are CRB checked, and all lead coaches have attended child protection and first aid courses. They are all ECB level 2 qualified, or above, and have full public liability insurance through the central body, the ECB Coaches Association.

Our child protection policy is in line with the ECB/Sport England policy, which can be viewed at http://www.ecb.co.uk/ecb/safeguarding-children-and-child-protection
If your child is not happy at the club for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible. We will always try to help rectify the situation as discreetly as possible, and bullying etc. will not be tolerated.


Behaviour should be the same as is expected at school. We will always discuss with you any behavioural issue which we consider needs bringing to your attention, and reserve the right to exclude a child if necessary. We have had very few exclusions, however, and will usually try to work through any problems.

Child safety is of paramount importance, of course. We have never had a serious accident, but please be aware that, as with all sports, there is always a chance of injury. We will always inform you of any serious incidents. Simple First Aid, such as plasters etc may be administered.

We may occasionally take photos or use video analysis for coaching or promotional purposes. If you do not wish that to happen, please let us know.

Coaching Experience

BBCC have coached in 16 schools in Brighton and Hove. We have coached up to 800 children in a week, in schools, clubs, in a voluntary capacity and under the “Chance to Shine” programme, as well as in ASCs.
We have run summer holiday Camps for the last 7 years, and provide one-to-one sessions net coaching.
Membership fluctuates during the school year, but has generally risen year on year. We have approximately 200 in the summer/ autumn terms. All but one of the clubs take place outside year round (except Dec and Jan). We run one specialist girls club. We offer all schools the chance to identify children who are on FSMs who might benefit from the coaching at a reduced rate.