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When are the sessions and where do they take place?

The clubs take place straight after the end of the school day and finish at approximately 4.45pm. Pick up arrangements vary from school to school (see below). The end time can be a bit variable, depending on how long the game at the end takes. We run the clubs throughout the school year, except for December and January, due to light and temperature considerations.

Who can join?

We accommodate boys and girls of all abilities, from year 3 to 6. We will consider children from year 2, but only if they are particularly able, and confident. The clubs can be a good stepping stone to joining a local cricket club, just a bit of fun after school, and anything in between. We place a strong emphasis on fair play, sportsmanship and being a good team player. Cricket is not the most physically demanding sport, so can be good for children who don’t consider themselves very “sporty”. We pride ourselves on helping with the most basic hand eye co-ordination skills, and can adapt all our drills and games to all abilities. Your child will be learning many skills which come into other sports, such as throwing and catching, striking a ball, agility, balance and movement. As cricket is a non-contact sport, it is suitable for all shapes and sizes. We will accommodate disabled children where possible.

Where do I pick up my child?

Pick up arrangements vary from school to school.

Balfour- Parents/carers should pick up from the field where the sessions take place. This is behind the Key Stage One site (formerly the Infant school), near the Surrenden Swimming School Car Park. If you’re driving, it’s accessed via Draxmont Way, which is off Surrenden Road. If the wet weather plan is used (see below in Cancellations), pick up is from the main school site.

St Luke’s parents pick up from outside the main office, downstairs.

Downs parents wait outside the Ditchling Road Gate

All other schools pick up from the playground.


If the school is open, the clubs are always on (we do not run the clubs on the last day of the summer term), except for cancellations due to weather. We have never yet called off a club due to staff shortages, illness etc. If we have to call the club off for any reason, you will receive a text you to let you know. We take an emergency phone number and email address when you join, and it is important that you keep us informed of any changes to these contact details. We are very reluctant to call off, however, and will normally go ahead if it's not raining at 3.00pm or so. The odd shower won’t put us off. We will therefore usually not call it off until quite late. If you need to know before about 3.00pm, you can call Alex for a decision. Do not phone the school - It’s our decision whether the club goes ahead or not. If the heavens open during the session, we will take cover and contact you if the session is abandoned. If this happens we will wait with the children until they are all picked up.

There are special arrangements at Balfour, where we have use of a classroom in the event of rain. Entertainment is limited to DVDs and cricket related quizes, but we can provide childcare until normal pick up time if required. We can use the playground too if there are breaks in the rain, but if there's no chance of any outdoor play, you can pick up any time.  If this wet weather plan takes place, you will receive a text to your contact number, and pick up will be from the playground/reception area of the school site, not the field.

What should they wear and do they need any equipment?

All equipment is provided. We do not use hard cricket balls. They should be wearing suitable clothing and shoes, PE kit is not required. Please bear in mind the temperature, and make sure they have enough warm clothing when it’s cold, and hats, water bottles etc in the summer.

What will they be doing at the club?

The clubs generally are made up of a warm-up, a cricket based drill/coaching element, where the children practice their skills, followed by a game of "Quick Cricket". They will learn all aspects of cricket - batting, bowling and fielding. The emphasis is on fun, but the children will be learning proper cricket skills, not just whacking balls around.

How much is it?

Sessions cost £5.50. Your child can come to their first session to see if they like it (almost all do). Once we know they are going to keep attending, you then pay for the term, including the first session (unless you have received a flyer giving a free taster session). If they decide after the first session that the cricket club is not for them, you don’t pay. We work with schools to identify children who would benefit from attending the club at a subsidised rate. Some schools are able to provide spaces free of charge through various schemes.

How do I pay?

Fees for the club are payable by cash or cheque (payable to Bat and Ball CC), bank transfer or PayPal on this site. either by post to the company address or to the coach at the club. It is not a drop in/pay on the day arrangement. You pay for the group of sessions termly, although this can be in two instalments if that helps. Please do not leave money in the school office, as we try to keep their extra workload to a minimum.

What if I change my mind?

If, after booking a place, your child decides not to take it, you must let us know. This is also the case if they attend for the first few weeks and then stop coming. The clubs are extremely popular, and in most cases we have children on a waiting list to join, so failure to inform us that they have changed their mind may result in full payment being made, regardless of whether they have actually attended any sessions, as they may have occupied a place that has been denied to someone else.

What if my child can’t attend a particular session?

You should always let us know if your child will not be attending due to illness, school trip, holiday, birthday party or for any other reason. It is especially important to let us know of non-attendance if your child has been at school that day. The school office can usually let me know if someone has been off sick, but wouldn’t know about a dentist appointment at 3.45pm, for instance, or that all the boys in one class are going to a birthday party after school. We are required by schools to keep an accurate register, and unexplained absences cause delays to the start of the sessions if we have to establish where a child is. If your child is unable to attend for a number of weeks, due to a broken arm, for instance, please let us know as soon as possible, and we will discuss reimbursement with you.