07748 107980


Joining is simple- Contact Alex either by email or phone. Don’t contact the school, or leave an application form with the office. We handle all the admin for the clubs.

Email alex@batandballcc.com or phone 07748 017980

What We Need:

-Name of Child
-Year Group
-Name of parent/Carer
-Contact Details

(email address for the main carer and contact mobile phone of the person responsible for the child when the club is on. We need up to date email contact details to let you know general information to do with the club. The person who normally would be picking up, parent or child minder, is the mobile number we need in the event of an emergency and in case of cancellation due to rain.)

-Permission (or not) to walk home at the end of the session
-Any behavioural or medical issues we should know about

(These will be kept confidential, and with issues such as Asperger’s syndrome, are very useful to know and help with how we deal with situations which arise.)